Split and Race

Araghol looked up as the now undead wolf snarled and darted through the portal after its prey. The man who approached was not one of their company. What did he want here? Tentatively he reached out with tendrils of power in an attempt to read the mans spirit, to understand his intent. Very good, he would do nicely and should the wolf fail...

"They have passed through to Niffelheim and approach the Mirrored Sepulchre. I would not do that.." he warned as Theo made to follow.

Quickly the Necromancer drew his dagger across his palm and snatching another of the dark vials from his cloak. Infused with his blood and a remnant of the spell he had cast for the others it would suffice. He held it out to the man.

"Drink it and do what you will." he said, "The potion will protect you from the cold." he failed to add that it was also give him only one hour before stripping his body of his soul and this soul would belong to him.


Tiella rubbed tears from her eyes as she looked down at the still form of Jorrik he looked so peaceful. She reached down and brushed his hair from his eyes and then looked up towards Cali. The witch still would not meet her gaze, she glanced to Balar, he had known and had said nothing. There would be hot words when this was done.

With a heave she lifted the dead mans legs and with Cali began to carry him towards the Sepulchre. Balar made to step in and help and a warning glance caused him to step back. Majvoc took point as instructed.

They were barley ten meters from the black portal when the huge wold flew through and immediately launched itself at the larges target...

"Erik! look out." Balar cried, turning to aid his companion. "Majvoc , go with Tiella and Cali and get inside that Sepulchre "Kespin, Luna go with them. Dyvia, Miles with me." and with that he charged.

So frantic was the ensuing battle that they did not notice the quiet form of Theo slip through the portal and begin to range out on the trail of Kespin.

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