Battle Bound

Miles heard the call, now was his time. He turned around to see the wolf charging towards Erik. He ran full tilt, and used his magic to strengthen himself. Before the wolf could attack, he slammed his fist into the side of its body, and sent it flying, as he tumbled. He rolled across the ground with the wolf, punching its snout, and grappling its furry back. In the chaos his helmet flew off, revealing his burnt, scarred skin. He slid across the ground, pulled out his axe, and over committed to a swing. He grazed the snout, but left himself open for an attack. The wolf leapt forward, and clamped into his left are, breaking armor and piercing flesh. Miles heard his bones cracking, and growled. He dropped his axe, and raised his fist for one last punch. The punch left a cloud of fur as the wolf was sent tumbling. He fell to the ground in agony, hopefully someone would help. He tried to crawl towards his helmet, but his wounded arm was little help.

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