Dances With Wolves

Erik had spun at the warning, surprised to see Miles take on the wolf himself.
The short scuffle left the warrior defenseless and the wild prepared to finish the job. Snarling as it pounced, it was blind to the roar.
The wolf did not feel the hammer make contact, nor the smattering of its bones and flesh. It only dimly realized it was swinging in an arc.
Heaving in rage, Erik obliterated the wolf as his hammer met the ground.
"The Necromancer is next when we return. Hopefully that was the last of his little obstacles."
Noticing Miles reaching for his helmet, he took notice of the scars. Sliding it over to him, Erik held out his hand to assist.
Theo had taken the vial with extreme caution, assuming there would be a price for such "protection".
He just had to figure out what.
For now however, he focused on his original goal.
The old man seemed lost in his thoughts again, facing away from the group and muttering to himself. Thinking himself hidden, Theo panicked as Kespin locked eyes with him. A shimmer of ethereal blue cast over his eyes and Theo felt a pressure crowd his mind.
Quiet, little one. Let truth give you strength
As Theo knelt down and held his head in his hands from the booming voice in his thoughts, Kespin was called by the others and he merrily skipped after them.

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