Garden of Death

Stunned into action by Majvoc's recovery, Erik prepared to counter Sigrids charge. As the image of the world crumbled around them, his senses we're assaulted by the rush of death and he felt hands reaching up, being smashed under foot.
Reaching her before she reached Heimdall, he sent her reeling with a solid punch to the face.
Kespin couldn't help but blush at Cali's statement. She seemed to just get better and better.
His moment ended with the collapse of the illusion and he suddenly became aware of something tugging at his mind. Taking out his journal, he held the shard once again and began a spell.
Dyvia was unprepared to the immediate call to action and she was glad she had left Erik's hand while the goddess had been talking.
Making a slow path to Tiella and Majvoc, she was already sweating from the effort.
"Why did you do that blockhead?"

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