Bad News Balar

With Heimdall's presence the tension eased, providing a much needed edge against Sigrid.
"We will not be able to best her, the fall must come from Hel!"
God and servant locked blades and taking the chance, Erik noticed Balar's failed attempt. Seeing the proud warrior aged to a crippling degree sent a shiver through Erik's body, igniting the ancient blood magic.
This time, Sigrid felt her dead flesh burn as Erik tackled her. Screaming in agony as it seemed to sear her soul, she managed a few punches before the assault began anew, this time with for ferocity than ever.
Kespin took a knee at the toll his flashes were taking. Dyvia knelt to hold him, herself in no better shape.
"What do we do? I can't find for shit and you look like how I feel."
Laughing, Kespin could feel his mind balancing sanity and reforming memories. He was no where near whole, but good enough for now.
"This is the price for dueling death itself. You don't get to just kill a cosmic deity with the power of friendship."
Taking inventory of the fight, he knew he couldn't help Balar and assumed the worse for the poor man.
Majvoc however, maybe something could be done there.
The spells Hel sent forth were by no means easy to deflect, but by helping Cali's shields were able to avoid major damages. When he went for another spell however, his journal floated to where he could easily see it, showing him an incantation.
He was not able to close the hole, but he could weaken the tendrils while Hel focused on them.
He felt unnerved by the wink given, unsure of it's meaning.
"Cali! Would you know why she is trying to flirt with you?

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