Luna ran to Balar’s side he held her hand up creating an orb of bright silver light that seam to dance like the moon. It was the same spell she had uses on Miles those this time however she mixed the spell with a shadow spell that was similar the shadows stated to mix with the orb and created a larger and strangely balanced orb. To took the magic energy and forced it into Balar. She did not wight to see if it would work. She turned and faced Halla.

As she stood the shadows began to dance and and form tendrils around Luna. “ I will not let you hurt my family” Luna snapped. She held out a hand and some of the shadows sped towards hella. Serval broke off from the main group sent after hella to attack the tendrils holding Majvoc. The shadows and leaped across the ground almost like sea animals. She pointed her staff in the direction Kespin and Dyvia several more shadows split of crating two human looking entity’s they were dark and robed a few feet from the two of them. She had called the shadows to protect the two of them. There were still shadows dancing and swirling around Luna. Luna stayed on the move to avoid Halas own attack however she was not shure she was strong enough to block one of throws orbs.

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