Her Balls Are Bigger Than Mine

<<"Cali! Would you know why she is trying to flirt with you?>>

“Because she’s a sick bitch and you are too if you consider this foreplay. I'm in fear for my life here, Kespin - is that what sweetens the meat for you? Laying on the pain?” Cali gave her pseudo suitor a wink. “There’s hope for you yet."

With the aid of Kespin’s spells, Caligari’s wards were holding. It was never a guarantee that different styles of magic would adapt to one another or be compatible at all. It might have been some slight asset in their favor that they were in the realm of the dead, the fountain to Cali’s power source. It was also the source of Hela’s power and she reigned here.

First Balar then Tiella and Majvoc. Cali had warned them; she told them all to stay close, but did they listen? Nope. The implication being that Cali could have somehow kept them safe, which she was by no means certain. She was becoming less certain by the second. Perhaps something could be done for Balar, but not while they were still under assault by Hela.

Cali grabbed hold of Garm’s neck for balance as the wolf jumped clear of an incoming attack. "Watch out for her big black balls; you don't want to let her unload one of those on you.” Cali was trying to conjure necrotic orbs to her own hands, but many of the dead spirits she’d come to rely upon were resisting or outright refusing the come to her aid. Fucking cowards even in death. They were afraid to go against Hela although they were among the many who would be better served out from under Hela’s rule.

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