Tag You're It!

"I am coming!" Heimdall cried out in response to the witches words.

"Over my dead body!" Sigrid roared as she renewed her attack. The god was thrust back away from Hela as the warrior assailed him with a flurry of blows ending in a hammering kick to the midriff that sent him down to one knee. She was distracted then as Hela screamed out in agony once more.

The Death Goddess was entangled in both the death magic of Cali and the shadow magic of Luna and the power was tearing her apart. Already the outward vision of beauty was fading as skin was torn away and her true form began to emerge. She tore at the tendrils of magic, snarling with hatred.

Heimdall seized the opportunity and lunged towards Sigrid knocking her off balance. Majvoc now free of his bindings also joined the fray with a dagger in each hand he began to stab and slice at the warrior, dancing away to avoid her returning blows.

"Go!" Majvoc screamed at Heimdall, "I will keep her busy."

The god hesitated but for a moment and then charged in to face Hela.


Balar slowly dragged himself to his feet. The spell Luna had used on him had been partially effective. He was still close to dead and many years had been stripped from his life but she had dragged him from the edge of the abyss and some strength had been returned to him. Picking up his axe he stumbled over to where Tiella still lay unconscious. Her right temple was bruised where she had struck the pillar and her eyes remained closed. He was relieved to find her still breathing but saw that there was little more to be done in that moment. With grim determination he turned and surveyed the scene.

Hela was in a bad way but still powerful. Something had happened to make her vulnerable, perhaps the witch had done something to her? One thing was for sure she would not go down easily. Luna and Cali were using their magics to great effect and Erik was about to be joined by Heimdall.

He saw Majvoc then, fighting Sigrid. She would kill him, he was sure of it. Majvoc was no weapons master and even as a human born Sigrid had proven her prowess in battle.

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