Between Magic, Fist, Tooth and Claw

Cali wasn’t sure how much blunt damage Hela could sustain at the hands of the Jotunn, but it did appear they were wearing her down. Between magic, fists, teeth and claws Hela was losing control over her form and falling apart. In the back of her mind, though, Cali did not believe it possible to kill an immortal goddess by mundane means. According to all the legends the death of the divine required some special weapon or an attack delivered by someone uniquely suited to the task.

“Luna, use that shadow magic of yours against Sigrid. Blind her in darkness or Majvok’s fate is sealed.” Caligari knew how much the young Elf girl enjoyed following instructions, but now was not the time for spoon feeding suggestions. The old crone Cali - which was the witch’s true form even though she had the distinct impression no one had seemed to notice or find it odd in the least - retrieved her sacrificial blade and began prudently poking Hela’s face and throat with the pointy end. Amid plunging her blade into the goddess, Cali looked around frantically. “Where’s that Dulcet Champion with Stars in his Eyes that I killed and brought back to life? This is kind of what it was all for Heimdal!

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