Never turn your back

Kespin magic struck just as Balar reached Sigrid with his axe. She easily turned the blow aside but was thrown from her feet by the stab of power from the old man. Majvoc danced back breathing heavily and bleeding from several nasty looking wounds.

Balar took a deep breath as the woman rose once more snatching her spear up just as Majvoc charged in. There was a sickening moment as the spear drove home impaling the thief and Sigrid screamed with triumph as she forced her power into the thrust.

"Nooooo!" Balar cried as he sank his axe into the woman's side then with a sharp trust drove it forward to clash with the haft of the spear.

Majvoc cried out in pain as the haft broke and Sigrid struck out with the splintered wood that remained sending Balar sprawling. Clutching her side she ignored the doomed thief as she turned to focus on the aged warrior. This proved to be her doom.

Majvoc staggered in shock which quickly turned to rage.

"Never... turn your back on me!" He snarled as Sigrid closed on the prone Balar.

He reached and with an almighty effort tore the spear from his body. The world lurched and he almost fell. No...No yet. His lips curled into a wordless snarl as he charged forward thrusting the spear into the woman's right hip.

She fell to her knees and Majvoc drew his daggers. Her head turned to watch him spring atop her and he began to stab over and over even as his life blood poured from his body. She staggered to her feet and then stumbled back as one of the thiefs blades became lodged in her collar bone.

She stepped back onto thin air, and tumbled backward into the open maw at the centre of the room. The green light flared from the depths below and Majvoc began to laugh as he clung to her using his weight to seal their fate.

Balar looked up in time to see the both fall out of sight.

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