There's plenty of Hell for the both of us

Cali was pushed roughly aside by the Jotunn in his eagerness to get started with that head bashing. Garm growled, but Cali jumped back in, grabbing her fair share of Hela.

"Do you mind? I'm stabbing her face here. Maybe you could use those big strong arms to crush her sternum or something?"

Cali's razor sharp blade may have slipped a few times and nicked Erik's hand; it was impossible to tell in these heated moments.

Then an inspired thought came to her (courtesy of Winters/Frankie) and Cali shifted under the Jotunn's long arms to position herself at Hela's chest. This could go all kinds of sideways, but it could work. It had worked once on the Great Winter wolf so... this could work.

Cali tried to judge the anatomy of a goddess and made her best guess. She raised the sacrificial dagger and plunged it into Hela's chest. She'd cut the heart out of Hela and consume it raw if Erik could hold the struggling Divinity's attention long enough.

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