The Calm before the Storm

The death of the Goddess broke the tempest raging inside Erik, the darkness that had been growing within suddenly lifted. One of the first sensations he felt was the thawing of the ice covering him, his frozen form looking closer to its normal appearance.
Wearily getting off of the rapidly decaying corpse, he looked around to the others.
"Where is the rogue?"
Long ago he had thought the man was only there for cheap wealth, but had proven himself to be a stubborn thorn indeed. Erik saw Luna weeping, Kespin near her as they stared into a fluctuating abyss.
Coming to the conclusion that Majvoc had met his end, the Jotun turned towards Heimdall.
"My thanks for your aid against Hel."
He left it at that and went to find Dyvia, noting her absence as well. She was found laying where Kespin had taken her, barely conscious from the pain.
"Look....look who...came back."
Erik gently lifted the dwarf, carrying her to the others.
"How do we get back to our bodies?"
Kespin differed from Luna's emotional outburst with a stoic gaze into the maw. The thief had proven himself honorable in the end.
As Erik came out of his anger, Kespin eyed the corpse as he felt a pulse coming from it. Venturing closer, he saw a small vial that was slowly being engulfed in the growing bile. Grabbing it quickly and swiping off any substances that clung to it, he peered inside to see a small glowing orb.
"Ah, a willow-of-the-wisp I see. You must have been of use if Hel thought to keep you."
Putting it away in his cloak, the elderly man then made his way to Balar.
"How do you fare warrior? Will you be of use to us still?"
Theo shuffled as he came to, quickly struggling as he realized that he was bound.
His target lay only a few feet from him, as well as his weapons. Looking around him, he saw bandits moving around the bodies, they seemed to be paying close attention to the Jotun. Not wanting to risk being seen, he tried to carefully wriggle his way to his supplies, hoping to cut his bonds and take them by surprise.

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