The garden was shrouded in a perverse silence given the horrors they had just witnessed. Balar stumbled over to kneel at Tiellas side, checking her once more to ensure she still lived. He felt stronger now but the ravages of the battle had stripped years from him. He turned as the old man Kespin stepped up to him and in response to the wizards questioning he simply shrugged and set about making sure Tiella was comfortable.

Heimdall stepped over then and stooped beside the couple. He placed a hand on the half elfs forehead and closed his eyes for a moment.

"She will be well. It is best she remains unconscious in this place and wakes with you all on the other side."

"And you?" Balar asked the immortal that had once been his friend and companion.

"I am bound to this realm now. I am ever called to watch and so I will. As I stood on the bridge of the heavens now I will stand at the gates of Hel until my watch is ended."

"A harsh doom." Balar muttered.

"Not so harsh for one such as I." Heimdall countered, and then peering over to the witch he frowned.

"Caligari mother of darkness, much has changed within you and I sense that should you choose to take the empty throne it would accept you. The realm of death requires a new mistress, her borders are weakened and will be so until the matter is concluded. A choice is set before you... what will it be? Are you ready for such an ascension?"

While the God questioned the witch Balar walked over to where Luna still knelt weeping. He placed a comforting hand on her shoulder,

"He would not thank you for your tears young one."

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