Wolf of War

Erik watched the events in horror, though he could not feel any remorse at the fallen god. They all got what they deserved. What gave him further pause was Fenrir himself. A being that had fought in Ragnarok and killed gods. For only a moment he entertained the idea of begging for the Wolf's mercy, but quickly forgot it when the wolves attacked.
Keeping Dyvia close, he swung his hammer to send waves of fur and fang flying, only to feel the sting of their bites whenever he turned. He regretted losing himself to his power so soon, his limited magic spent and his vast strength beginning to falter. Erik scooped the dwarf onto his shoulder and cleared a way to the others.
"How do we leave?"
His roar barely audible over the howls of the wolves and the rage of Fenrir, it was still heard by Kespin, who was close to Cali.
"My queen, I must agree to our now dead friend. Your power, though vast and erotic, is no match for a being born to kill gods."
Though his shard was wasted, he still had enough power to freeze several oncoming dogs before erecting a shield.

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