Bandits Den

With the spell transporting them back to their bodies, Erik was disorientated by a smell he thought he would never know again. Opening his eyes to take in his surroundings, he was shocked to see the burly, unkempt men around him.
They had moved the group to a longhouse, though he noticed they were not bound as was tradition for these brutes. Instead, he saw gifts lain at his side as if in reverence.
"What is the meaning of this?"
Tired from the fight and the current state of his friends, the Jotun stood to his full height and held his hammer up, all too ready for a chance to rid the realms of such vile beings.
Kespin woke to the group in a hustle, surrounded by bandits and missing yet more of their group.
"My eternal gratitude Cali, though your throne is lost, my queen you shall remain."
Watching her square up to the apparent leader of the bandits, he prepared his weary mind and body for another skirmish, though this one looked to be far easier than the previous fights.
Theo had prepared to start picking off the savages, already taking down a bandit that had come to check on him. When the group abruptly awoke, he cursed at another plan made more complicated by these travelers.
He noticed one that stood apart from the bandits, he looked thinner, less able. The perfect way out.
Able to sneak around as the two groups met, he came behind his target and held a knife to his throat.
"Stay still, all I want is to leave this forsaken hell and you can help me."

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