Valar morghulis

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Keeping themselves in the good graces of the warband had its advantages. Returning to Midgard would be safer and easier in the company of a formidable band of warriors. And the leader had given Caligari permission to enjoy the evening with Olin. But something about the situation didn’t sit well with her. She didn’t like being given permission for anything, because it implied she would have otherwise been forbidden from enjoying herself. And it meant Olin was essentially a slave or prisoner. If these Vikings were willing to do that to a member of their own clan, how certain could Cali be that they wouldn’t all wake up in chains as Erik had alleged.

She took in the mood of the room and leaned down to whisper into her wolf’s ear. His blue eyes sparkled and locked in on the leader. Luna was trying to calm the Jotun, but the Winter Witch was no longer sure that was the best plan. Maybe letting Erik smash things up was the way to go.

Cali snaked her arm around Olin’s, drawing him away from his clansmen some to speak with him in a more private manner.

“How did your - leader? How did he come to think of you as a misfortune? In my village long standing custom held that the female witches of the necrotic arts were deemed unfit in civilized circles.”

Olin turned slightly keeping one eye on the Jotun and his folk as none the wiser. Permission was given, after all, the little Lunar Mother and his own Leader seemed to have things in hand for now. “Oh … well in our tribe Skratti’s are all female. I am the first male to be born Skratti, that I know of at least, so it was looked upon as … inauspicious. However, a male is better than no Skratti.” He explained in a matter of fact way. To Olin this was a normal fact of life, he had bucked that and was paying for it. So it had easier to just accept it giving there was no alternative.

"You are guilty of having a magical cock? I think I'd like the opportunity to get my head around such a dilemma. And we have been given permission," she emphasized the word with contempt, "but where would that leave me this time tomorrow? How would one night's pleasure change your situation even if it changed your world. And I promise you it will." Cali teased, taking the excuse to caress the necklace draped across Olin's chest.

Olin gave a genuine laugh. “Well not just having a magical cock. Giving it’s mostly men who seek the service of a Skratti you can see why being a male myself is problematic. I was young and headstrong, I tried to leave. They protested and made sure I would never rebel again.” Olin said flatly. Not his most shining moment. He tugged at the necklace. “Hence permission was given. Not for you to use me but to allow me to use my magic for your pleasure.”

"And if I were to insist upon your continued company? How does your leash change hands?" She traced the length of his ear and gave his lobe a soft tug. "Gentler hands, Skratti. Unless you would prefer to handle your own affairs?"

“I could not tell you. It is not just my magic that is bound but my very will so as I cannot deny anyone my services or go against him.” Olin explained. To most of his kind that was a fitting price for his crime.

"I suppose that makes sense and keeps your master in charge. But do you have no say? I have issues with those who force the unwilling or prevent the enamored. As a cherry toting member of the fairer species I’ve had to contend with the appetites of too many men. Well, when I was younger it was unwanted attention. Now it’s all magic. But you should have that same choice.”

“I can not say.” Olin repeated. “Currently I only live to serve as I have no true will of my own. So whether I want to or not is … irrelevant.”

“Fuck that. I killed the Queen of Hel because she denied any choice to those under her domain. I had help or I was the help? Let us not confuse the matter. I think I can handle one small warlord.” Cali looked over at the Leader of the clan who was no small man. “And we have a giant.” As if on cue, Erik declared his refusal to share the bandits’ company a moment longer and left the low structure.

“Well, we had a giant.” She turned around to face Olin, using her body to shield her mouth from view of the others. “You have been promised to me, for this evening at least. So don’t get me or yourself killed. Wait here.”

So far Erik had stormed off followed directly by Luna. A look around could not spot Kespin either. Majvok had fallen in Hel and Dyvia was so full with child she looked on the verge of bursting. Balar was clearly not entirely over his ordeal, but he looked strong enough to swing his axe, though Cali was not sure he would approve of what she had in mind. Had Tiella suffered injuries? Caligari stared at her as she tried to recall, but she’d been focused on Hela alone. And Tiella had never shown herself to be a team Caligari sort of Elf. Caligari was not doing well with either of the Elves on that front. That left Olin, who if his words were to be considered true, was unable to act directly in opposition to his leader.

Caligari made a point to catch the Chief’s eye then did her best walk along the length of the longhouse. There had always been a provocative quality to her and her choice of words often played to those suggestive features, but now that she was cleaned up and wearing something fine though all together inappropriate, it was easier to blind oneself to the dark and sinister characteristics that made Caligari Calarook an erotic powerhouse. She was undeniably woman and an incontrovertible Witch. The men housed inside were lewd and made their eagerness known as she passed. She gave a few of them encouragement, but proceeded to the Chief uninterrupted.

“Your Skratti will make a fine partner for this evening and no doubt keep me warm, but I have a - penchant for the perverse. I have explored his shim and worry it will not be sufficient. It usually takes at least three men to lay me out level. Perhaps you’d allow me the pleasure of one or two more of your men?” Caligari took the Chief’s arm lightly and led him back along the column of men she’d walked. “I like them big and strong. I can’t imagine you’d know which of them are big down there, but you know their prowess in combat, yes?”

The leader gave a laugh; the woman bringing back a bit of levity to the situation. “Perhaps you’ll put in a good word for us to your friend the Jotun?” He asked. “Any volunteers?”

“The Jotun has proven immune to my charms, which I must confess, has probably been for the best. He is afterall, much larger than a man. But perhaps he will enjoy the company of men more than mine. So, this one?” she confirmed, laying a hand on the indicated warrior’s shoulder.

“And him as well?” She asked, patting another man on the chest. “Oh yes him for sure.”

“Is there one more among you who thinks himself…” Fifteen or so of the men rushed forward and Cali had to discourage their enthusiasm at that point. “No I’m sorry, but I couldn’t possibly entertain you all in one night. Only the best of you, for this first night,” she assured them. “And tomorrow when I’m sufficiently satiated I think the smaller men shall be preferable. You know exactly what I mean,” she teased one of the smaller men and he stepped back laughing. This went on for some time with several of the men taking it upon themselves to display that combat prowess, though none were fatally wounded, more’s the pity. When she had the happily conscripted men gathered apart, she asked one last thing of them.

“Now, because I often go overboard under the furs and men lose some of their honorable intentions in favor of abuse or depredation, a woman requires some level of protection. Ordinarily I’d trust the Skratti to fulfill that role, but I could not but help notice the collar he wears, much like my own though I’m sure his master is far more human. He and I being of magical minds must at times be controlled by others lest we get carried away. But his will may not be his own and I would not dare insult the Chief here by asking that the binds of that collar be removed. It will be sufficient to know the Chief holds the reins in those matters.” She waited just long enough for the Chief to confirm that he did indeed possess such means. He even went so far as to show her the green stone he wore on a cord wrapped around his own neck.

“Well then, I think it’s all settled. My wolf and I shall start with these men and work our way down the line.” Caligari held out her hand to meet the top of Garm’s head as he approached, never missing a cue. She buried her fingers in his thick fur and they both watched the chief with unblinking eyes. “He’s very protective and hates to see me denigrate myself.”

The wolf was the first to move, but Caligari was the first to strike. Her accustomed blade and spiked crown both appeared out of nowhere, both changed by her recent encounter with Hela. While still honed to a razor's edge, the blade now resembled one of the spikes from her silver crown which had previously been a headdress. She slashed left then right. The two men to either side of her clutched at their throats muffling a shower of blood with their hands. Garm had his entire mouth around the Chief’s head and with a ferocious shake he tore it free from the man’s body. Cali reached out to collect the green stone before it slipped off the bloody nub.

Garm swung around to knock back with his haunches two of the attacking men. He let out a savage howl and a glacial blast seeped through the front ranks, freezing them in mid-motion. Cali methodically jabbed two of her ring-clawed fingers into each of their wide eyes, forever stealing their sight. She slowly circled to the left while garm slowly circled to the right. “Your Chief has lost his head. The best of you have lost their lives and eyes. Your Skratti belongs to me,” and she dangled the green stone from her fingers, “and I’ve already promised to take a dick and two full balls from each of you. Drop your weapons and abandon this place or drop your furs and be gelded. Starting with him,” Cali pointed and Garm pounced on the man, ripping his stomach open before he’d had a chance to finish screaming.

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