Moth To The Flame

The group seemed to have been gifted with a nose for trouble. One moment Olin was more than happy to show his empress his appreciation and next here they are walking through the snow. Again. Olin had no need for the drink having been prepared for the realms magical winter. Still, he would not trade it for a thing. His new Empress was far kind to him that his tribe had ever been, it seemed at least she appreciated him. She would appreciate him more so once she tasted the full measure of his power at her disposal.

“Come my little Luna Moth. Ask your questions before something else happens.” He beckoned the elf to him. “You seem chilled, I’ll share my cloak with you.” He offered. Olin had no reason not to be kind to his liberators and the little elf seemed interesting enough. Clai did not seem directly opposed to it otherwise he would have not even been able to offer in the first place.

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