Two of a Kind

Cali held her hands up in protest and Garm came to an immediate stop. “Why me? I can do nothing for her at present. Damnit Luna, you’re going to get yourself killed talking to the assassin.” A smile slowly crept up Cali’s face and she half turned on the saddle-less wolf’s back to call after Luna who was moving further down the procession. “Do as you must, Luna and feel free to take your time asking all…” But she’d seen the elf speaking with Olin instead. Cali’s shoulders slumped just the slightest bit and she faced front again, running her fingers through Garm’s fur. She nudged his ribs with the heel of her feet and he moved on again. “I forbid you to frolic with any members of this party. They are a troublesome lot.”

Garm growled his protest.

“Oh course I don’t mean me. By the gods I’m a damned delight. And we must look out for one another in these cold winter nights.”

Garm growled in concordance with a little something extra.

“You can keep me warm without use of your stones. But I admit, that was a choice piece of meat.”

Garm purred and pranced lightly atop the snow.

“Don’t be nasty, Garm. I was referring to the meat between your legs. Now be silent while I plan and plot.”

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