Eventually all the land about them began to rise. The incline was slight at first but over the passage of time it became steeper and steeper turning from a walk to a climb.

The group, exhausted from keeping pace with the hulking Ice Giants began to lag and separate.

"Keep moving, we are close to the ridge." The leader of the Ice Giants called back, speaking the human tongue for the first time.

Step by step they made it to what the Giant refered to as the ridge and found themselves standing on the precipice of a huge bowl shaped valley. In every direction the ground dropped away towards a thick evergreen forest below.

"We can not climb down that." Balar commented as he looked down at the steep slope before them.

The Ice Giant laughed and shook his head. One of the others began to rummage in a mound of nearby snow and proceeded to drag out several large flat wooden boards.

One of the boards was placed on the frozen ground and with a roar a giant sprang atop it, the momentum sending him sliding down the slope.

"No fucking way." Balar cursed as he watched.

"Is only fucking way." Laughed the Ice Giant as he threw a board down next to the warrior. "Little people can share."

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