Dark tunnel

“ scary cats” Luna said. Soon Tiella Kespin and Luna were engulfed in darkness. Shadow also joined them he appeared at Luna’s side how he did not speak. Though the group was sounded by darkness the area they were is was bathed is a soft silver light. The source of the light was Luna. “Follow me guys and stay close” Luna said and started to lead the group through the shadow.

“ your strength grows mistress, soon you may welled shadows with out tiring so easily” shadow said. In the shadows the others might be able to see shadows true form though Luna was definitely not able to She his true form. As they continued they would see another light this one shaped like a Luna moth. The closer they got the larger the light got like the opening of a tunnel. Eventually they found themselves standing at the bottom of the cliff with the giants. To those how did not travel with Luna it would look like they disappeared in a ball of shadows then reappeared in a ball of shadows.

“ hay Cali I’ll trade you for an hour shadow can tell you everything you want to know about magic in exchange for help learning to control my magic better from Olin.” Luna said when she saw Cali and Olin again.

“ if that is what you wish mistress” Shadow said. He was not overly thrilled about that idea but it was what Luna wanted. Luna smiled at him “ it is I will also need my spell-book but not yet we need to take care of Dyvia first.” She said. Shadow nodded then disappeared he could be called back when ever she need him.

Ooc: I got the Luna moth symbol from winter. I hope you don’t mind if you do let me know I’ll change it.

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