Erik looked to Tiella with a degree of concern.
"If it is their diet that concerns you, I believe you are safe. Treat them with respect and they will do the same, though I think they assume I am using you as a sheperd does his flock."
His attention went to Dyvia, the poor thing was now in discomfort whether awake or asleep.
Theo on the other hand, was awake and in a rage, not at all liking his situation.
"Why did you not kill me!? Do you know what Ice Jotun do to their meals?"
As it seemed he was stuck with the group, he could only hope to convince them to abandon their path. Looking to Olin, his anger subsided to utter disbelief.
"You! I recognize you! Your leader was the one who hired me! You can take us away from this wretched place!"

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