Are We All Lost?

For the first time in what seemed like an eternity, Erik feasted among his own. Although they dwarfed him, the Ice Jotun welcomed their little cousin with open arms and fiery mead. Being mindful of his companions, his hosts presented a meal of bear and wolf.
Erik quickly realized how out of touch he was with his heritage. The others gave praise and sacrifice to the Ancestors, while he barely remembered the rituals. While his cousins challenged each other in jest and celebrated with their kin, Erik was reminded of just how broken the Jotun of Midgard were. Even his name, Erik, was a name forced on him by humans. He didn't even remember the one given to him at birth.
He soon realized he had become more akin to a human than to a jotun.
Finishing his meal and drink, he excused himself with the reason of making plans with the others.
Walking out to the camp his friends had made, he pondered on the word. Friend.
Even Majvok, a man he would have either sent flying or outright smashed if they had met by themselves, he had grown to respect.
Working up his nerve to confront the others, he was startled to hear screams. Although he felt shame for doing so, his thoughts immediately went to his cousins betraying them.
Grabbing his hammer just in case, he charged towards the source.
Dyvia was now in a state of madness.
Although unconscious, she held a fever and spoke of things not there. The creature growing within writhed, bringing further torture to the dwarf.
Another ear-splitting cry went out into the frigid night, Dyvia tossing in the skins that were her bed.
"Why did you take on this burden?"
No one else would see, but Dyvia saw the woman that had given her this curse, her toothless grin unsettling.
"It was needed.... You would have put Luna through this and she was needed."
Bending over as a hoarse cackle came from her, the woman vanished, the shadows forming into a more friendly face.
The momentary relief was lost as a scowl came to the male dwarfs brow.
"We traded eyes, aye, but your'e mad if you think I would ever wed someone marked by such a curse."
Whatever they had was brief, but to hear his voice saying such a thing brought misery to Dyvia, another twist from her vile offspring bringing more screams.
The shadows twisted again, this time forming into a loathsome smile.

Dyvia was lost in her delirium, her thoughts filled with mad laughter.

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