Broken Waters

Tiella raced to Dyvias side and dropped to her knees. She grasped the Dwarfs hand and felt her brow.

"She is burning up. Cali what do you make of this?"

The others were gathering around now, even Erik who had been the only one of them permitted within the confines of the giants village. Balar stepped up to greet him and placed a hand on the Jotuns arm.

"We muse be ready for what may emerge this night." The words were vague but the cold look in the mans eye made the meaning clear. This was no innocent babe that stirred in the dwarfs womb. He looked to Kespin and Olin then as Dyvia let out a fresh scream of anguish and pain.

"Is there aught that either of you can do?"

"Her waters are broken." Tiella called out.

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