Caligari and Dyvia are Screamers

Not all those huddled around the fire ate heartily, for some acts of pleasure were worth more than a belly full of boar. When the sun was dipping below the rim of the Ice Giant’s sheltered valley, Olin and Caligari excused themselves without any mystery as to their upcoming deed. As if the haughty giggles and ass grabbing hadn’t been clear enough, Cali updated those still lingering near the light and warmth of the fire. “Olin and I will be fornicating - aggressively - so do not disturb us unless you wish to join. Luna? The offer remains on the table. Come along, Olin.”

The spot they’d chosen was made ready earlier in the evening, though there weren’t many preparations needed for what they had planned. The long hanging bows of several spruce trees were pulled and tied together to shelter them from the snow that was sure to fall in the night. A small pit was dug and stocked with enough wood to burn a few hours. One set of bedrolls was laid out. Not just because they’d intended to share, but Olin brought none with him in their rushed retreat from the Viking’s longhouse.

In Cali’s defense, if such a thing were necessary or believed, the carnal pair did start off intending to stifle the sounds of their enthusiasm. But that did not last long. Before the others could have gone to their own bedrolls, or fallen asleep at any rate, The Witch and the Warlock were hard at it. Foreplay, apparently, was not a necessary step in the process.

Cali’s screams of passion went on for hours but the two of them were some distance away and her mouth was often muffled or occupied. During a break while the witch was catching her breath and wiping sweaty hair from her face, the two heard the sounds of another deep in the throws of passion. Cali and Olin looked at one another and laughed. It was a night for it. But Olin lifted his head and listened to the wind more closely. The screams continued but they were wrong, even for a couple as perverse as these two. They were screams of agony. He climbed off of her and rolled out of the pit they’d sunk themselves into. “Wait here,” Olin advised.

“I will not.” Cali snapped her voice and fingers and took the hands Olin reached down to pull her up. “I’ll take many things from you tonight, gladly, but not commands.”

Olin slipped into his breaches and Cali threw a wisp of smoke around her neck which condensed into a flimsy strand of material draped precariously atop her breasts. It lengthened and settled between her thighs, leaving her hips exposed. It was… distracting, but technically clothing.

They followed the sounds and knew before they arrived who they’d find at the source. Dyvia and her worsening condition had been on everyone's mind. Perhaps not the front of their minds, but even on Cali and Olin’s. Garm was standing near to Dyvia’s makeshift shelter, having been sent away for the evening after he tried repeatedly to mount Olin.

<<Tiella: “She is burning up. Cali, what do you make of this?”>>

Cali eyed the others then squatted like a savage at Dyvia’s side and lowered her head, pressing her ear to the dwarf’s enlarged abdomen. Whatever was inside churned and swirled. Cali jerked her head back and spat on the ground. The Witch leaned in to whisper through Dyvia’s ear. “If you give natural birth to this unnatural thing, it will kill you. You’ll likely die no matter what I do. But would you have me do what I can?”

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