Time to Go

Erik was horrified to hear Dyvia’s screams, but listened Balar’s warning, holding his hammer at the ready. He had grown fond of the dwarf and would avenge her suffering with Harlequin’s blood.

Dyvia did not notice her friends and allies surrounding her, she could not feel the cold wind that snuck into the tent.
What she felt was the fires of Musphelheim raging through her body.
Through the chaos in her mind, she heard a whisper, it sounded familiar but she had no energy to try and figure it out.
“Get this thing OUT!”
For a moment her agony cleared, as if the creature within was offended by its mothers disdain. She didn’t give a flying care, it needed to go.
She saw Cali close to her and was filled with relief at the sight of her.
The she passed out and sank back into the madness.

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