Snowball from ... where?

Before Luna could retort or things got too out of control, from out of nowhere three large snowballs flew and pelted Luna; the last one lobbed gently so it landed on the top of her head covering her in bits of snow. Olin already armed with another snowball if needed had a less than pleased look on his face.

“Enough with you and your temper tantrum child. You and I will have a talk about personal responsibility later,” he chided. If the girl was going to act like an unruly child she was going to get treated as one. “We simply do NOT have time to waste coddling your dramatics.” He wasn’t deaf! It had been impossible not to hear the events unfolding outside the dwarf shelter. “So not another word out of you,” he warned.

The situation was far more dire than expected. Wolves to the left, giants to the right and the least shittiest portal he could make in the shortest amount of time. “Gather everything you wish to bring; we are leaving,” Olin stated to the group.

“You. The one tall half elf with ice. You should come with us, just some unsolicited well meaning advice.” He could smell the residual magic in the air and it didn’t take a master mage to see there was going to be some serious unintended consequences.

Varan turned, ready to shout vitriol but stopped short, drawing in a sharp breath at the sight of the enchanted man. Whatever thoughts of anger she had dripped away, sliding down to rest between her nethers. She opened her mouth to speak but could only stammer.

“Any volunteers to carry the Dwarf?” He asked the party. Before he started a ritual that hopefully would not kill them all. Fingers crossed!

“Garm, you lovely wolf,” Cali fondled Garm’s ears and guided his attention away from the rim of the valley and the fast approaching pack of wolves. “We will strap the short one to your back and you must keep her safe.”

Garm growled his discontent and tried to pull his head away.

“You will carry the dwarf and you will keep her safe.” Cali tugged on the wolf’s head and planted his long snout between her breasts. “Because if you don’t, I will be very upset.” She turned to Olin and dipped her chin towards the top of Garm’s head. “This one has soft fur, no balls and wicked claws. I hope I won’t have to contend with your whiskers for long.”

There was a commotion and series of booms and pops from not too far off as the business between the Lunar Luna and Valan reached a climax. Ordinarily Cali tried to participate in as many climaxes as she could, but there simply was no time for it now. She would just have to trust that Luna had finally met a situation she could not charm her way out of.

“I feel it prudent one of us return to our night’s bed of passion. The steamy bedroll is surely ruined, but I should consider wearing something more than smoke and hair. I’ll grab what I can find of yours and meet you back here.”

“How prudent.” He winked to the woman. One of the think so far he like about her. Common sense in abundance and working ears. “I will work on the portal …” He said and in a slightly lower tone added. “... and hopfulyl get us to our destination in one singular piece.” He cleared his throat and started the portal ritual. If only magic was so simple as to simply add water and POOF result.

Alas. Much like everything in life punching a hole through the nine worlds and safely move between them was no small matter! Olin held out carved rock using it as a foci to and anchor for the ritual. The wind picked up the snow blowing up and around in a lazy swirl with Olin in the center. The engraving on the rock began to glow and the airy near inaudible chant started to grow in volume. His voice double and triple until it sounded as if many were chanting along as the Skratti kick of th-

The stone cracked a little.

Oh this was going to great ...

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