luna was started by the snow turning to see Olin. She listened quietly to him. “ Yes Olin” She said quietly. Shadow chuckled next to her. She glared at him witch sent him back to his realm. The shadow seamed to calm down as well. Though they did not completely disappear they still danced around her feet. She dropped her shield and headed to help Balar to his feet. They needed to leave quickly. This entire mess had been her falt. “ I’m sorry Balar this is all my falt but we need to go” she said offering her hand to him. She half though to ask Olin if he needed help but thought better of it. He did not want her help she had created so much trouble he would likely not want her help much like Cail. She only hoped that her friends could forgive her but that was not likely. Perhaps she should leave after they get back to Midgard.

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