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Dim is going somewhere

Dim was feeling good. He had found fire! Sure, it had been on a torch carried by a couple of undead bastards, but that never stopped Dim. Dim simply took the fire. After violently slaughtering the undead in a whirlwind of blind, frothing rage, of course. And now, he didn't have to eat the two halves of rabbit raw!

So Dim was happily chomping away, chewing thoughtfully on the mostly cooked rabbit brain, picking some shards of skull from his teeth. The fire crackled and popped. Shadows danced and twisted on the trees all around him. It had been a good day. Maybe the fire would still be there tomorrow! That would make for another good day!

Dim was about to start on the rabbit's hindquarters when something curious happened. A hole opened up in the air, on the other side of the fire, less than 3 feet away. It was about as high as an average dwarf, so it was smaller than Dim. Dim was immediately pleased about this. Dim was a very big dwarf. The hole was also perfectly circular and lined with sizzling green light. It also began to hoover up everything in the vicinity.

Dim watched for a moment and then another. Leaves and twigs disappeared into the hole and vanished. A bat flew past, was sucked in, and it was gone. Dim was not terribly surprised or bewildered. A lot of things happened that Dim didn't understand, and this was just another. He just assumed it was something other people noticed all the time.

The flow into the hole began to tug at the fire. A crinkle appeared in Dim's brow. This was not nice! He worked hard for that fire! A log started rolling, tumbled over the edge and disappeared. "Hey!" Dim shouted. "Don't take my fire!" He stood up as another log disappeared. "NO!" He had to save his fire! Dim stepped forward and smacked the last log away from the sucking hole with the flat of one of his axes. It bounced away and when it came to a stop, the fire had disappeared. "NOO!!" Dim was furious. He'd had such a good day! Now all his fire was being taken for no reason at all!

His fire here was mostly gone. But the hole had the rest of it! There was only one thing to do. Dim took a few steps backwards, screamed a battle cry and leapt headlong into the hole.

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