Respect for the wolf, Aroooo!

"You are new." he hissed through gritted teeth as the elf fought of his attacks. "Do not trust these fools they will lead you to your doom and abandon you to darkness. I should know."

A talking wolf creature that fights ice giants! Varan blocked his swiping attacks with those of her own. This was just like the time she and Aveziar got into that fermented drink. "Noted! But I also don't trust that your kith won't make short work out of any of us." As much as she wanted to hear the wolf's tale, two more were approaching rapidly, and it was time to go. "You have slain an Ice Giant." Quickly she took a lanyard of leather from the pouch around her waist and thrust it towards the wolf. The icy blue jewel attached sparkled slightly with the light reflected from the ice. "You should be revered!" Just as hastily, the ice elf ... half elf, dashed through the portal.

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