Odin's Throne

“I could just shift some ice --” Varan offered to no one in particular as Dim headed off. “But he seems so happy about getting to use his axes. He can have at it.” Humans bury their dead. She made mental note of it. Maybe when a half human dies, they’re half buried. It’d make a horrible, horrible garden of half bodies jetting up from the ground, just like that time they found Taenaryn, and thought he was half froze in the ice, but it turned out he was just torn in half by a giant and his spine froze in a puddle of giant blood. He had the best sense of humor, chances are he’d have found it funny.

“Little confused.” Varan asked the walking god of a man, and the rest, “The magician said that the answer lied in Asgard upon the throne of the All Father. And that all we gotta do is sit on the seat of power, and then what kills the wolf will appear or be made clear or what-have you. Isn’t easier to sit on the throne if Odin isn’t there? If he was there, wouldn't we have to remove him?” Odin. Sounds like Olin, both should be held on high and worshipped.

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