Ripe with Necromancy

<<“Hemal came back, maybe Odin can too,” Luna said. As she watched Balar leave, a thought crossed Luna’s mind. “Cali, is it possible for two souls to inhabit one body,” Luna asked crossly.>>

It took many moments for Caligari to answer. She’d been a world away in her thoughts and it showed. The dark Witch slowly removed each of the finger claw-rings she’d worn for so many years. They seemed superfluous at this point, her own nails were long and fierce and thick. She held the weaponized jewelry in her hands and considered Luna’s question.

“Heimdahl did not come back, Moonchild. Not in that way. He was never fully gone; he took steps in advance of his death to prevent it. And that will come with a price, beyond which has already been paid. Such an act of transference is - exceptional. I would not expect to see it duplicated. It requires great planning and foresight; qualities Heimdahl had in abundance. I cannot know the mind of a god, none of us can, nor should we try.” And Cali gave Luna a warning look. Not that it would stop Luna if she ever got it in her mind to try. “However, I can well answer your second concern. Souls are the most potent magic accessible to the world of men. They are so potent, no one body can safely house two souls. They will vie for control until one is excised. The mind of man can moderate the turbulent temper of his soul, but unchecked, the soul is corrosive to life.”

<<“Odin is dead, as are all the gods. Asgard is a city of ghosts now. The problem isn’t sitting on the throne, it is getting to Asgard in the first place,” Olin said to both Luna and Varan.>>

Cali was not quite so convinced. Sitting upon the throne was nearly all she could think on when her mind was left to wander. Not the throne in Asgard, but in Hel.

<<Olin gave a wave to Cali to further highlight Cali answering Luna’s question. “Oh speaking of -” Olin said, looking to Cali politely. Clearing his throat. “- now that you have a pocket?” He said to her, further elaborating.>>

Cali raised an eyebrow and looked down at what she wore. There were no pockets. There was...not much of anything. Olin made a crude gesture involving his straight finger stabbing through a circle he’d created with his other hand. Ah, yes, there was that. Though him wiggling his finger at the end was just a touch of crass showmanship. And Cali loved it; she could almost feel him… Well that was last night and today was moving on.

Modesty was not a burden Cali possessed and her clothing provided none. She parted the folds and seams of her transparent gown to reveal the milky white flesh of timeless, unchaste perfection. She reached down unashamed in front of the others and gently parted her own folds. Like a pearl bred from a clam, her long fingers retrieved the pendant from inside, the pendant she’d constructed upon Tiella’s death. The coiled metal was glistening and glazed to a lustrous polish.

“A gift for Balar, in his time of mourning. The bound soul of his late wife, Tiella. She was such a pretty thing.” She held it up in front of Olin’s face. “A kiss for good luck, pet. She may very well be the last half-elf action you ever see.” Cali flashed Varan an evil eye and black look. Queens did not share their men or playthings.

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