Eye in the Sky

The Raven flew high above the wooded valley. The others had travelled through a portal taking his mother and the pretty elf girl. He had been too busy distracting the wolves to follow. They had come thick and fast through the trees and but for the intervention of the Ice Giants the others would have been quickly overwhelmed.

He he had no memory of the wolves but knew them to be creatures of dread power. They would keep coming until their hunt was complete. He could not allow that to happen. He could see his mothers dead in their intent, along with the elf girl and all of the others. Even the angry man, the mate of his brothers murderer. Even him he would save from that fate.

As he moved in wide arcs over the tree tops he released a mournful cry for his lost twin. The second heart beat furiously within his chest as if in answer.

Below he caught sight of the strange Jotun and the human who ran by his side. They had lost the wolves for now, but its was only a matter of time before they picked up the scent once more. He could sense his mother now, far to the east. So they had not departed this word. That was well.

The Raven flew downward to get a better view of the two fleeing figures. They were stood at the foot of a cliff now exchanging heated words. Foolish creatures. Now was a time for silent flight, for the conservation of energy... he dipped his wings and began the descent towards the cliff top.

They were climbing now. A good move. The wolves would need to shift to follow and in human form they were not as powerful or as effective. The Raven came to rest on a high rock and waited for the pair to reach him.

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