The School of Magic

“No one simply learns magic. It must be taught to you, Luna. And life is the best instructor you can hope for. Life will not be fooled by your wet doe eyes or the perfect curve of my hips. Life sees past all of it and insists that we learn. I am 74 and even that would not be enough years if I fought my coaching the way you do. I have failed more times than you can know, but I never fail twice, not in the same efforts. You continue to ask for help, but cannot see. Your lessons began some time ago, in the moment you first asked, but you have consistently failed in every way because you don’t fucking obey. You ask for help, then blatantly shun the instructions you’re given. Do you think magical tutelage is akin to a banquet where you can pick those morsels you desire and wave away the rest? There is no serving wench bringing you lessons from a menu. You must commit to your magic and do what is required of you. You must become hard or the magic will use you.”

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