“You mean like the one I tried to do? No, we would need the Bifrost to open for us.” Olin explained.

"Bifrost?" Varan asked, tilting her head. "Most Ice Elves are Bifrost. " She gave Cali more than a once over. Or Bifrost curious. Cali's voice was melodious too, but that could also be because she was scolding the full elf, and that was pretty sweet music to the half-elf's ears. One more longing look to Olin and she turned her attention back to the matter at hand.

There was talk of keys and clams, and the dwarf was obsessing over the fire which Varan kept distance from. Silver shards need not be joined by burning embers, one disaster per day was quite sufficient.

"We can build a shelter of ice." She offered Balar, who held her respect. "She's small, so it needn't be very big. " Turning to Kespin she added: "And I've lived in Niffelheim for my life. Haven't seen many tavern. As far as the Jotunn, I *wish* my magic could track giants." Her magic couldn't, but if someone's could? It'd always be good to keep that knowledge in her pouch pocket for future use.

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