Funny Treats and The Chase Continues

Kespin looked up from his ramblings with a smile as his queen spoke to him. A rare beauty that defied age, though he felt that maybe he was the elder.
“I stole nothing my queen, this little bauble was presented by Hel’s corpse. A fitting reward I believe, Will-o-the-wisps can make for great talismans. It warned me of the Jester.”
Taking the object from his ragged clothes, Kespin turned it around in his hand, admiring it as one would a priceless gem.
“The dwarf is a funny character, can we keep him?”
Theo soon regretted not taking the jotuns offer, his muscles burning in the frigid wind of Hellheim.
He looked over to see his acquaintance far ahead, making good use of his longer limbs. Gritting his teeth and fighting the thought of giving up, he pushed on. He quickly looked down at the sound of howls and barks below them, seeing several wolves gathered at the base of the cliff.
While relieved at first, he soon became panicked as several morphed into humans, then began an unsteady ascent.
“Assassin! Keep moving or I leave you behind!”
Swallowing his fear as best he could, Theo found another foothold and hurried to make up lost ground.
Erik could have left the human. No reason to help him other than as bait, something to toss at the wolves if they got surrounded.
Some gut feeling told him to work with him, that they would make it out alive if they worked together. His instincts had led him true most of the time, he desperately hoped this was one of those times.
Reaching the top of the cliff, he hoisted himself up and laid on the freezing ground. His limbs ached and the cold felt wonderful against his heaving chest.
Opening an eye to look around, he was surprised to see a lone crow. It looked at him with an eerie air about it, as if there was bad blood between them. Before questions could be asked, he heard the hunter finally reaching the top as well, laying on his back to relax.
It would be easy to just kick him back down. After the several attempts on their lives and the numerous insults, he wouldn’t feel bad for doing so.
Letting out a sigh, he instead dragged his weary being from the ground and nudged the hunter.
“No time to rest yet, we need to move.”
Once kore without a backwards glance he left, hoping to find something in the wasteland and to leave the ravaged remains of his kin.

Theo looked up to see the jotun leaving, then groaned as he took off after. He wasn’t the least bit curious to see when the wolves would catch up.

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