Cold Comfort

While Varan created the ice shelter for Dyvia to rest in Balar gathered wood to add to the Dwarfs fire. Sensing Dims protective feelings over the glowing embers he did not add the wood himself he simply placed it near by for the Dwarf to add at need.

The others were settling in for the night, exhausted from the events of the previous hours and indeed days. There would be no tavern this night but hopefully there would be some rest. Gods knew he needed it. The appearance of Harlequin had been the final straw and now every fibre of his being just wanted it all to end so that he could join Tiella.

He watched Luna for a time as she wallowed in her sadness and confusion. He knew she was taking the loss of Tiella hard. He also knew full well it was not the girls fault. Tiella had a hunger for power and in her own way was as impulsive as Luna, the way she had just walked up and stabbed that...creature. Gods he was just as angry with Tiella as anyone else and he wanted he to be there so he could yell at her about it. She would argue back of course and in the end she would turn out to be right and he would apologise. Fuck! He felt the hot tears filling his eyes once more and rubbed them away angrily.

He glanced over to Cali then. The witch kept looking in his direction. It was not like her to hold back her words but she had said little to him since it had happened. For a moment he considered speaking with the woman and then something struck him. The Harlequin had offered no deal to Caligari. In fact he had ignored her entirely. The words of Heimdall came back to him then. She will need to be watched... Could he truly trust her?

He was not prepared for such depth of thought. The shock of the days events still too fresh and his grief too near. Silently he walked back to the grave of his wife and sat with his back to the tree under which she now lay.

"What do we do now my love?" he asked as sleep and exhaustion took him.

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