Lost puppy

Balar coughs Luna’s attention as he left the group. She had the strange feeling that he should not be alone. She followed him coming across him just as he fell asleep. She nelt next to him bringing the dagger out of its concealment and playing it across her lap. She would keep him safe she after all was a child of the night it was not normal for her to sleep at such hours. She closed her eyes and simply listened to the world around them. For the first time ignoring all thoughts of magic. Though with her focused on other thoughts her magic started to creat a protective barrier of shadows around them.

Her mind wondered for some time before settling on Erik where was he? Was he ok? She thought about him for twenty minutes or so then she found her thoughts drawn to Miles. She felt pain suddenly putting her hand to her chest she opened her eyes to see there was nothing wrong with her. Why did that hurt. Had something happen to him because of her? Did they know who he was? Yes he was the man from her dreams. But why was that important she did not know.

She closed her eyes once more and focused on the sounds around them.

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