Slow Conclusions

After an eternity of running throughout the day, both Erik and Theo were ready to let the wolves take them. Their hunters were relentless, the howls and barks never far from their hearing.
Leaning against a tree to catch what little breath he could, the human spoke such doubts.
“Why do we keep running if there is no point for it? Let’s rest as much as we can then stand our ground! I thought you jotun were renowned for your lust for blood and war?”
Erik stood several feet from Theo, glowering at the would-be killer as he sucked in air through his nostrils. He had been listening to such comments for quite some time, the man wanting to fight and die as heroes so he could go to Valhalla.
Fatigue and Theo’s most recent racial taunt broke his patience.
“Enough you imbecile! Your gods are dead, Valhalla is a broken hall filled with nothing but ash and ruin! Stand and fight if you want, you will slow down one or two as they chew your carcass and shit you back into this frigid realm. These are no mere wolves that you practice on as a boy, these are the hunters of gods, the spawn of a demigod that laid waste to Asgard and personally slew Odin. If you think you have greater power than the so called “All-Father”, then please, shut up and go fight them. I now my strengths and I now my weaknesses. My pride does not cloud my judgement and I know that in order to face Fenrir, I need to find my friends.”
Containing his rant to so few words, he used the rest of his anger to push on, hoping to make up lost ground.
Theo was left breathless after the jotun’s outburst, a fact that became clear as he gasped for air. He had never feared one before, but to hear a jotun speak....well intelligently... it was a sight that confused and terrified him. It made this being one of the few jotun that actually retained the intelligence of their forefathers, not some brute that couldn’t even fathom such a vocabulary.
Seeing the jotun quickly disappear into the distance broke his stupor, sending panic through his limbs as he chased after him.

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