Dim goes to sleep

At first, Dim was beyond enthusiastic about Balar bringing him wood. "FIRE FOOD!" he exclaimed, doing a little jig. He put the branches carefully on the dying flames and laughed as they began roaring back to life. "Thank! Look, fire so happy now!" He kept piling wood onto the fire for as long as Balar brought it over.

As Balar took off, Dim stood watching the fire with a smile. He chewed up the last of his rabbit meat as the others behind him started turning in. "OH! I almost forget!" he suddenly said out loud. "I have girl for sex now!" But when he looked around, Luna was nowhere to be found. "Hrm," he said. "Guess that is for next day!" And with that, he closed his eyes, keeled over and lay snoring in front of the blazing fire.

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