Enter the Dragon

“Mothling we have ears.” Olin said getting up and dusting the sand off him. “Also child if you can not contain your magic best not use it for now, lest you hurt yourself or someone else.” The girl was racking up a kill count after all! One dead and the other slowly dying.

“Is there a plan or are we winging it? We clearly don’t have enough time for me to make a portal again lest we are scattered across the cosmos. Not fun mind you.”

“Winging it!” Varan replied, leaping to her feet, extending long claws of smokey black ice. Whatever it was roared again. If it breathed, it could bleed, and if it could bleed it could die.

“What say you all? Do we work together against whatever this place has to throw at us or will I go?” The man she freed from the ice called. He was back, as was the tiny Giant, just as Harlequin had promised.

“Oh it’s you …” Olin said in a flat tone. “... should we put him in ice again?” He asked the group. The man was about as trustworthy as a crotch scratching whore. Just way more persistent! Like a rash.

“You put him in ice?” Varan asked, forgetting about the roar for a moment.

“The benefit of handling elemental magic on this plane. The Air gains the added benefit of an added freezing effect.” Olin explained with a smile. “Not true ice magic as you so masterfully wield.”

Varan started to answer, but the words hung in her throat as her craving for Olin intensified, taking over her ability to concentrate on anything but him. The sound of the creature roaring again snapped her from her stupor, from being lost in his come-hither smile and beguiling words. She reluctantly turned her head skyward. “Perhaps return him to the ice after? There’s something to be said about having someone expendable on your side during a fight.”

“Good thinking. Maybe if we're lucky we won’t have to ice him.” Olin suggested with a wry smile to Theo.

Fueled by his encouraging words, Varan took a defensive stance. Whatever it was, it was coming in fast. “If it breathes, it can bleed, and if it can bleed it will die.” Nothing would get to Olin, not as long as there was breath in her body, or by proxy, the woman Olin worshipped. Nothing would get to the warrior who buried his half-elf wife. And nothing would kill the Jotunn that was hers to kill. "Blood and Ashes." she swore, waiting for it. "Face me, harbinger of horrors!"

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