Dim is always ready for a fight

Dim was on his feet at the first roar. "AHA!" he yelled. "Wolf already here! I HAVE AXES! Tasty meat, warm pelt, and GOOD FIGHT!" He spotted Theo and Erik running their way, while Luna and the others got up and drew closer. He waited a few moments, then seemed to lapse into thought. "But... Roar yes, howl no. Wolf howl. Jotunn yell. No wolf?" He readied his axes. "Maybe this Jotunn roar! Or maybe... WOLF DISGUISED AS JOTUNN!" He uttered a battlecry and was about to run at the Jotunn, but hesitated. The others deemed happy to see the Jotunn. He stopped in the middle of his battlecry and scratched his head. "Hear roar, no wolf... Jotunn!" he called out to Erik. "Did you roar?"

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