“Mothling we have ears.” Olin said getting up and dusting the sand off him. “Also child if you can not contain your magic best not use it for now, lest you hurt yourself or someone else.” The girl was racking up a kill count after all! One dead and the other slowly dying.

“ I thought you were angry with me. Why are you a pet name? I’m confused are you still mad also we don’t exactly have the luxury of time right now judging by that roar what ever it was that is headed are way is big like really big and probably really powerful we needed my magic to help take down Hella we will probably need it to deal with what ever this is” Luna said but her magic did disappear. She still stood at the ready to fight and call her magic back. “ I’m just saying we may need it wether we want to use it or not” She further explained” she did not want to get yelled at again and could see Olin’s point however she wanted to point out that they may need up needing her to use her magic.

“Is there a plan or are we winging it? We clearly don’t have enough time for me to make a portal again lest we are scattered across the cosmos. Not fun mind you.”

“ we are winging it we always wing it.” Luna said grimly.

Hear roar, no wolf... Jotunn!" he called out to Erik. "Did you roar?"

Luna looked at Dim and wondered if Olin and Cali that she was like him. No she was not that dumb young and inexperienced perhaps but definitely not dumb. “ no that was not Erik’s roar trust me I know what his roar sounds like it’s something one would never forget” she said.

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