On Dragons and Disappointment

"I've killed a lot of ...hmmm" Varan started bravado fueling her words. "No. I've never fought a dragon, but how hard can it be? It's like a giant that breathes fire, flies and has razor sharp claws. If it bleeds it can die. I'm sure we can kill it. I can kill it.” She let out a slow, icy breath. “Probably.” She had razor sharp claws of her own, perfect for eviscerating.

“Disappointed Mothling not angry. You need to exercise better control because as you can see … when don’t the consequences are dire.” Olin clarified. “I know you want to help but it may be wiser to only help when it will be needed in the event you power slips. Best not tempt fate.” He explained.

JP Winters/Blitzen

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