Dim hears dragon

"AH! Now Dim unders... NOW DIM GET IT!" The dwarf laughed heartily and a crazed, greedy look stole over his face. "Dim like fire. Dim like leather. Dim like using big teeth for weapons! DIM LIKE LOTS OF MEAT!" He laughed turned and said to Luna in a conversational voice: "I like dragon. Dragon good supplies."

Quite suddenly, he bolstered his axes away and began climbing the nearest tree that seemed strong enough to hold him. For someone with his bulk, he really did move with a speed that was nearly alarming. Anyone wondering how someone of his recklessness and lack of intelligence could have survived in the wild so easily would certainly see little reason for doubt at this point. In a heartbeat, the dwarf was at least 20 feet off the ground and gazing in the direction the roar had come from. "Big shadow coming!" he bellowed. "And here very, very speed!"

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