Luna blinked and looked at Olin she half though she might cry. Somehow his disappointment hurt more the her thinking he was angry. “ Olin you are aware I did not know shadow could do that he talks in riddles and I can’t even read half the spell book if I had not been dumb enough to brake my staff this would not have been a problem” she said shaking her head.

She did not have much time to think however as the dragon had found them and was breathing fire at them. She followed the others back near the lake but still watched In amazement as the dragon flew. Then when it landed and spoke she just started for a moment.

Luna then stepped forward a curious expression on her face. “ what do you mean what could possibly hold a powerful dragon” Luna asked innocently. She did not understand dragons were amazing powerful animals how could one be held captive. At the same time she wondered to to go about freeing the dragon. No one should be a slave. In her mind that was wrong.

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