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Summary: Grandfather of the sky

Eli Hanton

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Gender: Male

Age: 63

Group: Elesium

Home District

The Roost, Steamworks. Born in the Rose District.


Skyrider Captain

Special Skills

Captain of an Airship named Seraphim
Good with a rifle
Can drink most of his crew under the table

Physical Appearance

A tall man with grey thinning hair and one eye lost in a drinking game. He favours a cloth wrap over a patch. His beard is also white and well trimmed.

Eli tends to wear simple, warm clothing with little colour.

Personality and interests

Eli lives for the climb. His life is spent between the Seraphim and the Crazy Cog, where he rents a small room above the bar.

He loves to fly and he loves to drink and he talks about the Maelstrom like she is his lover and worst enemy.

He is calm, crafty and tactful.


He was born and grew up in the Rose District with his mother, he never met his father. He lived in relative peace there until he was 15 years old, but at that point things took a turn for the worst.

He lost his mother to disease and was thrown out of the house in which she had worked. Through guile and a great deal of luck he manage to survive a life on the streets. His vigour and perseverance turned him into the man he is today.

He managed to get himself apprenticed to the Kraken a grand old airship and never looked back. He is now the oldest and most experienced of the Skyrider captains and has made the climb more times than anyone elese.

Loves and Hates...

Loves :Whiskey and the Maelstrom

Hates: Whiskey and the Maelstrom

Posting Frequency

I tend to post every day, but kids, a wife, a job and a dog mean that sometimes life drags me away.

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Image of Eli Hanton
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