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Summary: I'm learning how to speak my mind. The world should be more afraid of me than it is.

Stella Corbet

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: Dusk

Home District

Highholm, born in Rose District


Speaker for Dusk

Special Skills

Leadership, but she has her doubts

Physical Appearance

Caramel skin, black hair, stormy grey eyes, full lips, hourglass figure. 5'6.
Typically dresses formally

Personality and interests

Protective of Reputation
Prefers staying indoors
Enjoys gifts, fancy meals, and parties
Unsure of leadership abilities
Her thoughts on Dusk's equality are still developing.
Recently taken an interest in politics


As a young girl in Dusk, Stella came from a poor household of two in which she was deemed the least beautiful child of her time by her mother, Opal. It wasn't until Opal, who had taken to gambling, caught the eye of a rich Flagesium investor who was an honest and decent man. Despite judgement from those around him he married the woman and took her daughter in. During one of the uprisings in the Sprawl a time ago, their family home in West Twins was attacked and young Stella was nearly beaten and mutilated to death...but was left alive as a sort of morbid message to the superior folk. One that said they would never stop until the money grubbers came crashing down in Dusk. After this event the family moved to the safer Highholm.

In fear that her daughter would live the rest of her life looking like an abomination, the wealth-consumed Opal had Stella undergo multiple surgeries and procedures to maintain an appearance "pleasing to look at" which leads her to how the young woman looks today. Mostly artificial. And after her husband died Opal became quite the cruel witch and invested in Flagesium as well.
She constantly pushed the importance of money, vanity, and marrying wisely onto her spoiled daughter which caused Stella to be whiny when things didn't go her way.

Stella was put into an arranged marriage at just twenty to a man twice her age, David Corbet, an arrogant --but rich-- man who is part of the Dusk Council. It's only around him that she is quiet. Stella is upset that she was thrown to him when she never got to live an independent life of her own or even choose her betrothed, causing a massive amount of disdain toward her mother...shown openly.
She is fairly well known in Highholm.

After her husband's death she was given his seat on the Peoples Council, the first woman ever to hold that sort of power. She believes the women in her family are all cursed to lose their loved ones, though, David was not who she loved.

Loves and Hates...

Loves: Tea and Wine

Hates: Injustice

Darkest Secret

Over the years has developed a mental illness that could endanger her place in power.

She murdered her husband.

During her marriage had an affair as well.

Posting Frequency

I favor weekends but will post when able to. I'm often on the site.

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Image of Stella Corbet
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