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Summary: Get out of my way.

Lina Kellgorian - NPC

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Gender: Female

Age: 28

Group: The Graveyard

Home District

The Twins - born in a Steamworks Workhouse



Special Skills

Airship pilot
Airship engineer
Street Fighting

Physical Appearance

Straw blonde hair held back by a white bandanna. Green eyes and a slim frame. Wears a brown leather flight jacket with fur lining, brown leather flight gloves and blue denim trousers.

Personality and interests

Lina lives for the climb. She dreams of flying free in the Blue above and would do anything to get through the maelstrom.
When on the ground she is a chain smoker and a hard drinker. Although she knows when to stop unlike her crew and captain.


Lina was born in the workhouse. Her mother was a resident and her father a guard. When her mother died from the pox, her father took her out of there and sent her to live with his family in the east twins.

She proved to be something of a rebel and ended up dancing and fighting in the Rose District. That is where Eli found her and offered her a job on the Seraphim as a deck hand.

She has worked her way up to first mate and following her fathers death in a workhouse riot she was left his family home in the Twins where she now lives.

Loves and Hates...

Loves the freedom of flight

Hates every man that isn't Eli

Darkest Secret

She has a secret lover in the Rose district

Posting Frequency

"See Eli"

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Image of Lina Kellgorian - NPC
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