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Summary: Science is blind.

Mavromichali Mortimer - NPC

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Gender: Male

Age: 59

Group: Delve

Home District

The Sprawl - Born in The Twins


Banned Chirurgion

Special Skills


Physical Appearance

Tall, frail and skinny. Unkept appearance apart from his hands and nails which he keeps extremely clean. Shaggy grey hair.

Personality and interests

Mavromichali Mortimer is angry with the world. Angry that some old rules kept geniuses like himself away from making real progress into the sciences. He is a very bitter man and dreams of one day paying back to his enemy the pain and humiliation he endured for 10 years at the Black Gallows


Mavromichali Mortimer was once one of the most preeminent doctors in Dusk. His papers and experiments were considered ground breaking. He was a purist. Persuing knowledge for the sake of knowledge and many believe he was destined to lead the Society of Savants one day. His works and studies into the anatomy of the mutated slaves of the Delve unmatched to this day.
However some of his rivals labeled his experiments heretical and a organised campaign staining his reputation and denouncing some of his private works to the Epistemological Society of Savants Council meant that he was imprisoned in the Black Gallows for breaking the city's strict thaumaturgic laws.

Loves and Hates...

Hates the Epistemological Society of Savants Council,
Loves to experiment with flesh manipulation,

Darkest Secret

Mavromichali Mortimer knows the true secret behind the longevity of some Council Members.

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Up to you guys. Feel free to use him as well...

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Image of Mavromichali Mortimer - NPC
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