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Summary: They live how they live and so do we but the difference is we have to work for it. I like us better.

Jessy Dresner

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Group: Dusk

Home District

Rose District, born and raised


Delivers fabrics to Hanson's Apparel weekly
Works at a textile factory in Steamworks
House worker to the Corbet's

Special Skills

Quick Reflexes and thieving

Physical Appearance

Loose red curls always tied back
Green eyes
Full lips
Covered in Freckles
103 lbs
Work and Exhaustion has caused her looks to mature

Personality and interests

Loves sketching clothing designs, would like to showcase them one day but she is a perfectionist and doubts her work. Dreams of life in luxury but is rather gloomy on the subject. Outspoken. Quite down to earth and usually serious. Prefers large crowds and money-mongers when pick pocketing.


Jessy is a poor orphan with two siblings, her twenty-seven year old sister Robin and five year old brother Carter. Jessy and Carter live in a large orphanage in Rose District while Robin has a shack in the area too but cannot afford to get them out. Robin is often found walking the streets or working Lady's Grace.

Jessy finds herself sneaking out of the strict home just to explore the city and feel a sense of freedom, though, the consequences of getting caught by Warden Donnel will be brutal as they always are. The east wing of the orphanage is used as a psychiatric hospital where the undesirable are dumped and mistreated. Jessy could run away anytime but stays for her brother who refuses to leave permanently. If her sister can't buy them out, she'll run away with him and find Robin then and live happily, hence why she works so much so they can afford it.

She is out most days of the week and rarely ever rests as she works multiple jobs around Dusk, requiring her to travel a lot. Being small and agile, Jessy has found shortcuts through the city via buildings, ledges, fences, lines, and poles to reach places faster as cabs are too expensive. She works for a very rich family in Highholm doing a range of work, at a factory, and selling to Hanson's.

Loves and Hates...

Loves: Fashion

Hates: Suffering

Darkest Secret


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Image of Jessy Dresner
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